A modern twist on a classic favourite. These RumCubes will be the talk of your next gathering – they look stunning and give a gentle buzz of chilli from the Pukara Estate Chilli Smoked Salt!

Chilli Chocolate Dukkah Rum Cubes



Mix crumbs with chocolate powder and salt in a bowl. Combine jam, rum and water and then stir into crumb mixture. Take one level tbsp of mixture and roll into a ball and repeat until all of the mixture is used. Roll in dukkah until covered completely. Chop the red cherries in halves. Place the balls into truffle cases (optional) or style in RiceCube. Place cherry on top. Refrigerate. Makes 15-20.


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  • Leticia

    Just came across this and you rnmeided me how lucky I am too. I am also without a job at present, but I have family and friends and will be meeting a bunch of the latter on Sunday (and your sausage rolls look fab!)