Many of my favourite things are green. From my little green Citroën C3 to Street’s Pine Lime splice ice-blocks to Pukara Estate’s Lime Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Well, thanks to the #realfoodfestival I have now found a new favourite green food… The Feijoa.

Always looking for something new and unique I stumbled upon Sally from #hinterlandfeijoas stall at the festival. Having never heard of the fruit before I simply had to try her products. She had a beautiful display of Feijoa jams, chutneys, balsamic glazes and preserved Feijoas. I was so impressed by the Feijoa Jam and the Cured Feijoa Chutney that I promptly decided to add the products to my market stall range.

The Feijoa fruit is a really difficult taste for me to describe…there are hints of citrus, pineapple and a little clove back palate hum thus making it perfect for chutneys and jams.  Whilst at the #RealFoodFestival chef Cameron Matthews of the Long Apron at Montville made a Pork Rillette recipe with Hinterland Feijoa’s Cured Feijoa Chutney on toasted ciabatta, I nabbed a sample and it was devine! The tartness of the chutney cut through the fattiness of the pork rillette perfectly, it was a flavour sensation which I can’t wait to re-create at home.

A little more about Feijoas from Hinterland Feijoas

Feijoas originated in the forests of South America and are fragrant smooth-skinned green tropical tree fruit that have creamy sweet jelly centres. They are part of the Myrtle family, which includes other fragrant plants such as eucalyptus, allspice, guavas, and cloves.Their distinctive complex flavour has been likened to a mix of strawberries, pineapple and guavas, with undertones of quince, lemon and mint. In Australia they are sometimes known as pineapple guavas. The unique complexity and fragrance of the feijoa is the reason they are so versatile and addictive, with uses ranging from just munching them by the dozen to making beautiful perfumes.

Feijoas are ripe in autumn in Australia, providing an excellent fresh fruit option full of nutrients and especially Vitamin C to build immunity for the cooler months ahead.


Hinterland Feijoas was established in 2008 by Peter Heineger and Sally Hookey on their beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland property, and is one of the first commercial feijoa orchards in Australia, with 750 feijoa trees in production.











Huge in New Zealand

In New Zealand Feijoas are a major horticultural industry and most homes have a feijoa tree in their back yard, so if you are a Kiwi you’ll know all this … just skip to the bit at the end about how to buy them….

Aussies pronounce the fruit as “FAY-Jo-ahs”, Kiwis say “FEE-Jo-ahs”, but its really a Latin word that should sound something like “ f-JHO-as” with a husky voice!


Feijoas are an extremely versatile fruit with very little wastage, being scooped out and eaten as fresh fruit and in fruit salads, used in juices, smoothies and ice creams, wines and vodkas, jams and chutneys, salads, in savoury dishes, salsas and especially in baking. They are also easily frozen for future use, and are even used in perfumes and skin care ranges. The question should really be “What can’t you do with a feijoa?”.


Peter Heineger and Sally Hookey with their organic feijoas.









Feijoas are prized around the world as a super-food because they are high in Vitamin C, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants. One feijoa is estimated to provide a quarter of your daily fibre needs, with the part-grainy texture cleaning as it goes. They are amongst the most alkaline foods available, helping to balance the ph of the body, plus a great source of potassium, vital for regulating blood pressure. Feijoas have been named as the best fruit to take during pregnancy as they also contain folates and iodine plus the all important fibre. Feijoas have been used in natural skin care ranges and teas for these healing qualities.  Other than that they taste fantastic and one is never enough!

Certified Organic – No Chemicals

Peter and Sally from #hinterlandfeijoas love farming and are committed to sustainable farming practices. They grow all their fruit and vegetables using biological farming best practices and their whole farm is certified organic.(OGA Certified Organic 1416 IC In Conversion). No synthetic chemicals are used on the fruit, and visitors are welcome at their farm. You can taste the goodness in their fruit.

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People of Jan Power’s Farmer’s Market Mitchelton, I can’t wait to share the Hinterland Feijoa goodness with you. Feijoa Jam and Cured Feijoa Chutney will be available for sale at my next market on October 6th.



I am a professional food presenter and cook who loves inspiring a little gourmet at home. I hope my blog posts and recipes inspire you to get creating in your kitchen.