Some of you may think I’m loco when I say I’m drinking a “Café De Coco Piccolo” but honestly this coconut milk creamer has rocked this Gourmet Goddess’ world!

I had the pleasure of having my car break down outside of Egg Bistro today so unfortunately, I had to purchase a particularly scrumptious pork belly salad followed by a Piccolo (the usual Gourmet Goddess choice of caffeinated beverage at 2pm in the afternoon) whilst I awaited a call from RACQ. Let me tell you, this piccolo was no average piccolo! I ordered it with King Island “Café De Coco” a coconut milk creamer and for this Gourmet Goddess I awaited in much anticipation as the lovely barista fired up her steaming wand.

King Island Cafe De Coco Coconut Creamer.

King Island “Cafe De Coco” coconut milk creamer.

This product yields an incredibly luscious texture when steamed and is a spectacular way to compliment espresso. Any of you lactose intolerant foodies out there will agree with me that soy “just don’t cut it” when it comes to taste and it often overpowers the flavour of a good espresso, well the “Café De Coco” delivers an amazing lactose free cup o’ joe.

Get behind this loco coco madness and stop into Egg Bistro today to try one, you’ll be amazed! They also sell the product to take home for all you budding baristas at home!

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