Just because I am a citrus addict I have introduced these stunning products from Hinterland Feijoas to complement my gourmet range. For more information about Feijoas and Hinterland Feijoas check out my blog post ‘Feijoas my new favourite green thing’.


Cured Feijoa Chutney


Cured-feijoa-chutney-250x203To retain the integrity of the feijoa as the main flavour in this chutney the skins have been taken off the fruit and then been salted down, (or cured) using an age-old method to reduce the water content and intensify the full feijoa flavour. Using apple-cider vinegar, spices, apple and brown sugar as the only additions, this sharp style of chutney is unique and really captures feijoas as an ideal savoury condiment. Renée loves this chutney with hard cheeses and
full-bodied red wine, in ploughmans lunches, and with curries. Devine!

$8.00 240gm jar



Feijoa Jam


Pure and simple Feijoa Jam. The whole fruit is used in this classic, which results in a full-bodied and golden full bodied jam ideal for breakky on some fresh sourdough toast, or on your favourite scones. When you open the jar the aromatic perfume of the fabulous feijoa is right there wafting from the jar, reminding you of the fruit season when masses of gorgeous green feijoas sit on your bench-top tempting you to over-indulge.

$8.00 240gm jar



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